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Third Annual Back to School Pool Party


Galveston's First Public Dog Agility Course!

Be sure to take your dogs to Lindale Park and check it out!


Thank you to Collin Somerville who chose "Better Parks for Galveston"

to receive proceeds for his Eagle Scout Project! 

On May 31, 2019, The City of Galveston hosted the official ribbon-cutting ceremony,

featuring representatives from the City, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Board of Directors of BPG.

Once again, CONGRATS and THANKS to Collin Somerville, Eagle Scout!

Collin Somerville has been an active Boy Scout for the past 11 years. Collin completed this project to benefit his community. Collin decided to build a dog agility course in his town and raised money for supplies.


Joy Ride Turtle Installed

Joy Ride is our 3rd sponsored sea turtle sculpture painted by artist Jane French. It can be found at the Lasker Community Pool and is really a joy to see!


Ridley Turtle Installed

Our 2nd sponsored sea turtle sculpture has been installed in front of the McGuire Dent Recreation Facility

at Menard Park. His name is Ridley and was painted by the talented Rachel Wiley-Janota!

Ridley is part of the Turtles About Town Project created by Clay Cup Studios and the

Turtle Island Restoration Network to bring together art, awareness, and advocacy! 



Homer Turtle Installed


Meet HOMER, created by artist Shaifer Goalen, as part of the #turtleabouttown project.

HOMER can be found at the amazing Crockett Park at 53rd Street & Avenue S. Check out the

"before and after" photos below!  Thank you to Shaifer and Amy Owens of Clay Cup Studios

and Joanie Steinhaus of Turtle Island Restoration Network. Also featured in our introduction photo

is Sabrina Dean, our current BPG Board President and B. J. Herz, our immediate Past President.

FullSizeRender 4.jpeg

Early Photos of Homer

{ Fostering Partnerships to Enrich Our Island }

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